Mark Anthony Rudder

Mark Anthony Rudder, is a successful entrepreneur, established artist, and a prolific marketer. He has very big dreams with a real passion and ambition to share, which can be contagious!

Mark Anthony is a graduate of George Brown College, where he studied graphic design and advertising. At George Brown, he learned corporate identity, package design, illustration, print advertising, package design, design, branding, copy writing, book & magazine design, photography, promotional design and other computer skills. He is also a graduate of Sheridan College where he studied New Media Design. At Sheridan, he studied digital audio & video editing and production, website design, animation, multimedia and design usability.

In February 2005, Mark Anthony officially launched Mark Anthony Media, after working for many companies on a freelance basis before its official launch. The approach of Mark Anthony Media was to offer holistic style branding to our clients. Mark Anthony realized that his clients needed to have all marketing materials form a consistent & cohesive unit. The range of these marketing materials have included graphic designs, websites, corporate identity, packaging, advertising campaigns, TV and radio commercials, video and audio production, marketing, branding, copy writing and anything else that is used as a marketing tool. The vast majority of these designs were handled by Mark Anthony Rudder, but at the same time built up a network of freelance designers, programmers, producers, and artists. Mark Anthony Media can be found at

In February 2006, Mark Anthony Media and Artefis officially launched Rogue Angels™. Rogue Angels was launched to help get Mark Anthony’s clients models for their various projects. In its short life span it has gotten models in many print ads, posters/brochures, TV commercials, clothing lines, CD’s, websites, product packaging, and in Pulp Magazine

In May 2006, Mark Anthony along with two of his brothers Christopher Rudder and Andrew Rudder formed and launched an online magazine called Pulp. Pulp Magazine is the ultimate lifestyle magazine, combining the worlds of business and art together! Pulp features in depth features with famous and undiscovered female and male models, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, entrepreneurs, artists, poets, fashion designers, comedians and authors. Pulp also has articles on sex, advice, horoscopes, technology, fashion, automotive, business, health, entertainment, and movie reviews. Pulp Magazine has expanded to include blogs, a very popular podcast, forums, advertorials, classifieds, a store and an ever evolving mailing list of Pulp subscribers.

In August 2006, Mark Anthony was a celebrity judge at the Miss Latina Canada World 2007. Mark Anthony judged Latina hopefuls on beauty, posture, articulation, modeling, talents and intelligence. Mark Anthony was picked to judge this prestigious event because of his experience working with models with Rogue Angels™ and working with models and media in Pulp Magazine.

In September 2006, Mark Anthony was featured in the very popular city wide newspaper Metro. Mark was interviewed by 2000 Toronto Mayor candidate Enza “Supermodel” Anderson. In the interview, Mark Anthony had the chance to talk about his accomplishments in Mark Anthony Media, Rogue Angels™ and Pulp Magazine.

Mark Anthony has been interviewed on Natradio (Oct 2006), which is an radio station based in Toronto. He has also been interviewed by Darnell on “The Uncle D” Morning Show (April 2006) based in Missouri.

Mark Anthony is also a very talented illustrator, writer, poet and photographer. He has also won a PAC (Packaging Association of Canada) design award.

In 2010, Mark and his two brothers launched the new Rogue Mag. Which is the evolution of Pulp. It is more focused, entertaining and straight up sexy.