The Company

What is Rogue you ask?
Well let’s first start with what Rogue is not . . .
Rogue is not loyal to established conventions, only disloyal to ideas not on the cutting-edge of artistic inventiveness. Rogue is not about making friends, only earning trust. Rogue has no sole affiliation to any particular genre of music, film, poetry or art, only artistic expression that stems from the soul. No topic or subject matter is too taboo for the columns of Rogue, so long as the content has substantive underlying meaning that stimulates the mind or appeals to the aesthetic senses and is not gratuitous in nature. Rogue has no hidden political agenda or ulterior motives, only a focus on informing and entertaining the masses through all forms of media in an unbiased manner. Rogue doesn’t establish fixed boundaries that stifle our writers’ creativity by telling them what they can and cannot express, but rather creates an environment that nurtures our writer’s muses and fosters the development of their intellectual independence.

The only constant in Rogue is our continual commitment to our international audience in the delivery of witty, thought-provoking media content that simultaneously satisfies our advertisers, and regularized replenishment of the Pulp circle with self-motivated, industrious young persons that never cease to stimulate the imagination through their creative expressions and are active advocates of avant-gardism.

Other than that constant . . . Rogue is a shapeless, formless mass of rich media content that is adaptable to any change that exists outside of our control. Rogue is adaptable enough to reflect and respond to the rapidly changing needs and demands of our internet savvy cosmopolitan audience. Rogue is adaptable enough to morph its present structure to reflect or respond to the unforeseen, expanding mediums. Rogue is adaptable enough to reflect or respond to the dramatic changes in our society. Rogue is adaptable enough to establish an equilibrium between the interests of our advertisers, content providers, and readers. Rogue is an online monthly mag that has and maintains the pulse of society by keeping our ears to the street and covering a wide range of diverse issues. Rogue. . . ladies and gentlemen . . is here to stay. So get used to it!