Drew Rouse

Posted by Christopher Rudder

So...It was Saturday December 9th and I was at Ciao Edie, a cozy little lounge that hosts live entertainment. I was here to get live video and audio footage of my girl Andrea and her band Undadogg whom I met at elMacombo a week before. I arrived earily, equipped with the JuiceCam and a beer. Ciao Edie is a very intimate setting with crazy comfortable furniture, mood lights and candles. Blending right into the ?just kick it? atmosphere is Drew Rouse strumming his guitar, singing some sweet melodies in a style that for some reason reminded me of Bob Marley. Drew Rouse, an acoustic messenger that can capture the hearts of audiences from coffee houses to hot spots and festivals from the east coast to the west coast. My girl Gordana (Goga) who I was gonna put to work, helping me get footage for Undadogg, (she didn?t know that at the time) was completely and utterly memorized. ?He?s good, I like him...you gotta talk to him after and get him in your Mag.? (picture her saying that in her cute broken serbian/croatian accent).

Drew began writing poetry at age 7, composing professionally at age 14 and has released 6 independent albums so far; ?Rage?, ?Flowers?, ?Live From Bearsville?, ?In My Movie?, ?The Flesh and The Spirit?, and "Singing To The Choir". Drew Rouse and the Gathering is a blend of musicians and fans that get together at Drew's performances to celebrate and listen to live original music. He usually calls on local musicians when on tour to accompany him on local stages which in turn provides an ever evolving live show. Drew has a unique propensity for meshing smooth rhythms with driving melodies around Environmental and Social Issues, never preachy. Often described as "Conscious Acoustic Soul", his music is soulful, powerful, earthy and keeps you moving. His live performances along with his charismatic edge have earned him a very loyal following which is ever-growing.
After his performance i caught up with Drew and his brother Ben (Resolve Films) and scribbled all there contact info on a napkin.

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RogueMag is proud to bring you Drew Rouse...here we go!!!

Alleyne: Yo dawg, how are you?

Drew: Very Well and you my new friend.

Alleyne: I wanna thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk with me and to Rogue

Drew: Thank you for your interest.

Alleyne: Iiight lets do this!!! Aside from music and what is written in your bio, tell us something about you that your fans don?t know.

Drew: I am a devoted listener. The most important part of being a good player/musician and writer is listening in my opinion, not just to people but silence that's when you hear the melodies in your own head. These melodies tend to be the most pure. I try not fill my ears and head with a constant bombardment of outside sound or stimulus. Of course there is a time and place. As far as performing, All the musicians that I have been fortunate to play with will tell you, I always say "It's not what you play, It's what you don't play that makes all the difference".

Alleyne: As an artist, the musical journey is long (trust me I know) and can not be done by oneself. Who are some of the people in your life who have supported you and continue to support you through you musical career.

Drew: My family