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Montreal's Charlotte Cornfield has been creating quite the buzz across Canada for her groundbreaking indie folk rock. After wrapping up her education in jazz drumming at Concordia in 2010, Cornfield locked herself in the studio for four months in Toronto with producer Ryan Granvile Martin to record her forthcoming LP Two Horses.
Last year the Montreal press was blown away with Cornfield's live performances. The Montreal Mirror aptly named Cornfield, "The next it-girl of folk-rock" and Maisonneuve Magazine scribed, "Cornfield's got something luminous about her."
Now teaming up with artist collective Audio Blood, Cornfield will release an EP in March 2011 alongside her Canadian Music Week performance. The new EP will feature songs from her forthcoming LP. It will be a taste of what's to come from Cornfield and a vehicle to further expand her audiences. The single "All of the Pretty Mistakes" proves Cornfield a versatile and incandescent songwriter of our time. See a live video from Hillside Festival of Cornfield performing the new single.
Cornfield will head to Halifax at the end of January to play the In The Dead of Winter music festival ( Media materials and tour dates below. 
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Somewhere between the plains of North Dakota and the rocky coast of Vancouver Island, Charlotte Cornfield is counting Joni Mitchell's "white lines on the freeway" and watching the sun come up from the window of a greyhound bus. Just another night Cornfield will spend on the road on an epic 45-date tour of Canada and the US. She's crossing the landscape with nothing but a guitar and a backpack, bringing her poetic folk rock tunes to the small clubs, cafes and taverns of America. Barely legal, 20-year old Cornfield doesn't know what she's gotten herself in to.
Fast forward two years later and Cornfield has under her belt enough experiences to write some of the most emotionally raw, beautiful songs this country has heard in years. She has mastered her potent blend of soulful vocals and stylish guitar playing and it's no surprise that The Montreal Mirror has named her "The next it-girl of folk-rock." What makes it all the more enchanting is the innocent pop sensibility that somehow rears it's head beneath it all, making her tunes catchier then than the new Justin Bieber single, always in the most surprising of ways. Cornfields two debut EP's have received critical acclaim and her tunes are staples amongst the CBC listenership and Canadian campus radio. "Cornfield's got something luminous about her," scribed Maisonneuve Magazine. Seeing her perform or listening to her recordings, it's hard to miss.
Born and bred in Toronto, Cornfield escaped to Montreal in 2006 to study jazz drumming. She finished her degree in Spring 2010 and hit the road as the drummer for several bands, including Bent By Elephants, Takk, The Keys (Fr) and Panoramic & True (US).  In the fall of 2010 she returned home and buckled down for 4 months in an east-end studio to track her debut full-length effort, "Two Horses," due out in 2011.  The record, a fleshed-out conceptual tour de force, reflects the duality of Cornfield's musical influences: the deep lyricism and raw emotion of Mitchell, Dylan, and Young, mixed with the intense energy and hookiness of late-70's New York rock and roll.
Cornfield has been handpicked to play festivals such as Hillside Festival, Mariposa Folk Festival, The Montreal Jazz Festival, Ottawa Folk Festival, Pop Montreal, and more. She has shared stages with the likes of The Sadies, Amy Millan, Dead Prez,  Phosphorescent, Pierre de Reeder (of Rilo Kiley), Great Lake Swimmers, and Leif Vollebekk.  
These days Cornfield calls Montreal home, and in the midst of her hectic touring and recording schedule she can be found pouring over her notebook and a coffee in one of Mile End's many cafes. She is a rock poet, through and through.
Jan. 29 @ The Company House, HALIFAX (*In the Dead of the Winter Festival w. C.R. Avery) 
Feb. 2 @ The Supermarket, TORONTO 
Feb. 3 @ Cabaret Mile End, MONTREAL (w/ Katie Moore) 

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