Jessica de Virgilis

Jessica de Virgilis

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Jessica de Virgilis - Model

Raffaele Ingegno - Photographer 


Andrew:  Born and raised in one of the major fashion and design capitals of the world, Milan, which is the second-largest city in Italy and the capital of Lombardy that hosts some of the worlds most impressive landmarks, such as the 5th largest cathedral in the world (the Milan Cathedral) and the Santa Maria delle Grazie decorated with brilliant paintings by Leonardo da Vinci, Jessica de Virgils is a beautiful, professional model with boundless ambition, who believes that there are no limits in life, only plateaus, and that we must go beyond them and constantly exceed our present level to improve ourselves for the better.

Jessica:  I was born in Milan 25 years ago, and now I live in a small town near Bergamo.


Andrew:  Most people have to see something to believe it, but as a pro-active, ambitious woman with a wisdom and foresight beyond her years, Jessica possesses the uncanny ability to believe in it first, and then make it happen, and bring to fruition her many goals with hard-work, persistency, consistency, focus and vision.  So what’s her philosophy in life?

Jessica:  You'll never know unless you try.  To be against is a virtue, not a fault.


Andrew:  Jessica never says she can’t do something until she tries it first.  She also intuitively knows that “the greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and failing; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark” as the great Michelangelo once said.  As a result of her positive philosophy in life she has managed to successfully attain some special highlights in her blossoming modeling career thus far through her own passionate pursuit of her career goals.

Jessica:  I’ve been doing this work for 4 years.  I began modeling for fun, to challenge myself.  I started to work for photographers in individual shoots and group workshops, and photography courses.  Then, I worked for a wedding boutique, a spa testimonial, a bag brand and a Hairdresser shop.  I was published on different web magazines and paper ones; both Italian and foreign.


Andrew:  Many people know Jessica from their familiarity with her brilliant, breathtaking work as a model, and so many people would be pleasantly surprised to learn about some of her other hidden talents, and other passions and interests!

Jessica:  I love animals!  I have 2 dogs and a cat (who are my

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