Jessica de Virgilis

house-bosses)!  I'm a vegetarian and I can do cartoon's voices :) with me children who enjoy it so much!!


Andrew:  And with this great abundance of boundless talent as a professional model, many people are wondering what other aspects of the entertainment industry Jessica would like to exploit in addition to modeling.

Jessica:  I'm interested in modeling for advertisements, editorials and similar projects.  I'm not interested in cinema and the television world.


Andrew:  When I asked Jessica what her goals were after her illustrious modeling career, she spoke of her entrepreneurial essence that embodies the spirit of the modernist vanguard. 

Jessica:  Uhm I don't know.  Being a petite model, is just a big goal here in Italy because models like me are not considered by local fashion agencies.? In fact I work as a freelancer; I'm the agency of myself :)


Andrew:  People like Jessica with an entrepreneurial spirit that burns like an incessant flame, never to be extinguished, believe anything is possible.  We see opportunity when others see impossibility.  We take risks.  We’re focused.  We hustle.  We know that nothing is unrealistic.  We feel an overwhelming love & passion for what we do.  We embrace our childlike wonder & curiosity.  We take flying leaps into the unknown.  We contribute to something bigger than ourselves.  We create.  We learn.  We grow.  We do.  We achieve.  We bring our dreams to fruition.  We believe it's never too late to start living a dream.  We’re entrepreneurial minded!  It’s this entrepreneurial mindset & unrelenting drive to succeed that enable us to leave our indelible marks in the sands of time.

Jessica:  In my private life, I have been a volunteer at the kennel and cattery of my city, but for modeling until today I can't.  I hope to do soon :)


Rogue Angels Feature

by Andrew L. Rudder ~

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Andrew:  Do you place any limitations on yourself in terms of what you will and will not do in this industry to succeed?

Jessica:  I think I will never fall in sexual compromises; I've never done it and I will not do it.  I will always be myself and I'll always make sure I’m known for my real modeling capacity and character.


 Andrew:  In the Robert Moore sense of the word what's your psychological archetype: your unique emotional and intellectual disposition; your true style of dealing, behaving, and communicating in the world.  Are you a Queen (Charlotte York), Warrior (Miranda Hobbes), Magician (Samantha Jones) and/or Lover (Carrie Bradshaw)?

Jessica:  I would definitely be the warrior. I would not be doing nothing in front of injustice!


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