Jessica de Virgilis

style="font-size: small;">Andrew:  If you could be any character from a short story, novel or movie, who would you be?

Jessica:  I think I would be the ugly girl, or the best friend of the prince or the champion of justice


Andrew:  What would a movie based on your life be called? 

Jessica:  A simple life of a petite.


Andrew:  If I was accompanying you to a modeling shoot that was 700 km away from home, what albums would I definitely be listening to in the car on the four hour trip there?  (Do the math!  I drive really fast!)

Jessica:  Lana del Rey …. the entire album!  Please don't crash!


Andrew:  My no limit credit card slips out of my pocket and magically appears in your hands as I finish this interview with you; what do you buy before I find out that it’s missing?!!!  (I know in real life you would have returned my credit card.  Really.  I do [shaking my head]  No.  Not really!  [nodding my head]).

Jessica:  hahahah hem... I think one of my first purchases would be a trip to a tropical island, then wild shopping on a clothing store online and a riding school with horses saved from slaughter… I forgot something? :D


Andrew:  What is your ideal exotic getaway?

Jessica:  Maldives of course!


Andrew:  What is your favorite food?

Jessica:  Chips, pizza and tofu!


Andrew:  Name one of your guilty pleasures?

Jessica:  I can't resist the white chocolate :D


Andrew:  What sort of qualities in a man do you look for and really turn you on? 

Jessica:  The first thing I look in a man are the eyes and smile. Then he definitely have to be tall and charming.  A man has to be resourceful, sociable and realistic.

Have to be mature, curious and love to travel. I expect a bit too much, I know … :P


Andrew:   There are no pick-up lines in the animal kingdom.  Agreed 

Jessica!?  Good.  Animals know exactly how to court other animals of the opposite sex and react to courting.  They never learn this.  It’s instinctual.  They have sexual ornamentations.  The peacock flares its iridescent feathers to the peahen.  The kakapo has a complex mating call.  The bowerbird is an avian architect that builds a nest.  The bull elk and deer have impressively large antlers.  These sexual ornamentations trigger throbbing uncontrollable sexual aggressive passions in the female species.  That said.  What is the human male’s sexual ornament?  

Jessica:  Yes, animals act on instinct, of sensations. The most 'interesting' man has big eyes (a symbol of sincerity), the

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