Kristina Leily

the entertainment industry that she would like to exploit in addition to modelling.

Kristina:  Certainly, my modeling career is not permanent, which is why I am now thinking about my future.  I got an idea for opening my own little business, so now I am already working on the development of this project. I will not go far away from fashion industry as my business will be also be connected with clothes and design.

When I lived in Estonia I was helping with some food, clothes and old things to the children in need and to such charity organizations like Red Cross.


Andrew:  So with all of this talent at Kristina’s fingertips, many people are wondering what are her goals after her illustrious modeling career. 

Kristina:  For me the most important thing is independence and to do the job that I love; to do something that brings me positive emotions, and makes me satisfied and profitable at the same time.  The biggest goal in this moment is to start my business venture successfully.  And of course like many girls I am dreaming of finding the right person later on in life to be happy in marriage with and have healthy children.


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by Andrew L. Rudder ~

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Andrew:  No great journey toward our desired destination in life is accomplished solely by ourselves, so talk a bit about the people in your life who have and continue to support you throughout your blossoming young career as a model, and as you continue to make your indelible footprints on the sands of time.

Kristina: Probably I am a lucky person to have a number of wonderful people crossing my path; people who support me and always believe in me. I value such friends who can help, not only in troubled times but also be sincerely happy for you when things are going great in your life because sincerity is a rare quality nowadays that not everybody has.  Also I like to be around people who are positive and successful, sometimes more than me; I never envy as it gives me a stimulus to become better and reach them.


 Andrew:  Wayne W. Dyer is quoted as saying, “When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.  It’s to enjoy each step along the way.”  As you dance your way through the entertainment industry, what has been some of the steps that you have enjoyed along the way thus far?

Kristina: One of the most memorable experience, probably would be my first beauty contest. It gave me confidence

kristina leily