Kristina Leily

and made me realize that I look different from other girls. I try to value every minute of my life. I live the life to the fullest by making my daily schedule full of interesting and educating events in order to keep it in memory. It does not matter if it is a work or pleasure. We live only once and that is why we have to stop to enjoy even some small things and do not waist our life on unworthy moments.  I appreciate all that I have.


Andrew:  When did the candle of thought light up in your mind’s eye and helped you to realize that modeling for you Kristina was so much more than merely an intriguing prospect that you endeavored to try, to becoming a career choice that you’ve now grown to have a vehement passion for?

Kristina:  I am disagree a little bit with your statement that modeling is the main career choice for me because I would rather say this is a favorite hobby. I like modeling so much, it is very fascinating; I meet new people, acquire new experiences, travel a lot, and this work is artistic and suits my character, but now for the first time I am opening my own business, which will provide financially for me and my family in the future. Despite this, I will continue to work like a model and hope that I will reach some new heights in the modeling industry.


Andrew:  Being convinced to pursue a career in modeling is one thing, but actually believing that you possess the requisite talent, focus and drive to succeed in a very tough, unforgiving and oftentimes cutthroat business is quite another.  When did you actually believe that you possessed the requisite intangible qualities and characteristics to make it in the entertainment industry as a model?

Kristina:  I think it started when I got compliments from the people around me, when I had success on the first photo shoot, the catwalks, contests, and when I signed the first contact with a modeling agency and started to get different kinds of offers for modeling jobs, et cetera. These sort of events gave me confidence and made me emotionally stronger.  I do not care when people judge me or talk behind my back, because I know who I am as a person and the most important thing for me is when the people who are close to me are proud of my personal and professional achievements.  Knowing that there is somebody who is proud of me makes me want to achieve more in life.


Andrew:  What experience do you value more and attain more personal satisfaction

kristina leily