Kristina Leily

from as a model: the creative process behind an intimate collaboration with a visionary photographer, a creatively audacious make-up artist and a chic wardrobe mistress OR seeing the reaction from your family, friends and fans as they bare witness to the finished product and shower you with pleasurable contemplation?

Kristina:  It is all connected. If you enjoy your work process, if you like to collaborate with a photographer, stylist or make-up artist and people you work with, you will have a great result with the photo shoot, which will bring the positive reaction from my family, friends and of course will satisfy me.


Andrew:  Talk about the creative environment that you consciously chose to immerse yourself in that has helped foster the development of your fundamental modeling skills, such as the self-examination of your strengths and individuality, creating an improvisational and spontaneous delivery consistently; refining your performance techniques; shaping your modeling competence, flexing your muscle memory and helping you discover your unique voice that your fans are blessed with in all of your photographs.

Kristina:  When it comes to my physical shape, I go to the gym, I run in the park, I dance and I eat healthy. When it comes to my emotional shape, for success I need the inspiration.  It really helps when I am in love: I want to make art, to improve myself, to develop morally and to become more better than I am. Then all the troubles and problems encountered on the way seem like nothing.


Andrew:  Lee Strasberg once said, “A great actor is independent of the poet, because the supreme essence of feeling does not reside in prose or in verse, but in the accent with which it is delivered.”  Describe your ‘unique accent’ that distinguishes you from other talented models in the industry.

Kristina:  Probably the secret is in my smile, I think. On the castings and photo-shootings a lot of people paid attention to my smile and told me, that it catches a lot of attention and distinguishes me from other models.


Andrew:  What advice would you give to talented young models who are struggling to get their foot in the door of this oftentimes cutthroat industry and are contemplating raising the white flag, about resilience, perseverance, a focus on honing one’s craft and the key to constantly finding that spark that rekindles their burning flame of passion over and over again for what they vehemently love doing more than anything else in the world?

Kristina:  I would like to advise young models that if you have a dream, you do not ever have to doubt your success and to always try.  Also, do

kristina leily