Marion Amélineau

 To advance in my projects I was required to question myself.  Questioning allows me to go ahead and pass by some projects.  This should also be linked to my mind sports competition.  I had to adapt myself, challenge myself physically to get there.  Things are never easy.  We are all masters of our destiny and we have to give it meaning.


Andrew:  Lee Strasberg once said, “A great actor is independent of the poet, because the supreme essence of feeling does not reside in prose or in verse, but in the accent with which it is delivered.”  Describe your ‘unique accent’ that distinguishes you from other talented models in the industry.

Marion:  I'm not trying to be included in a mold and look like someone. I  am myself and I differentiate myself like that.  I have qualities but also defects that I know and that I assume.  I do not seek perfection because it does not exist.  I'm just looking to experience art, to develop my artistic sensibility, to provide the maximum to me on every project that is offered to me.


Andrew:  What advice would you give to talented young models who are struggling to get their foot in the door of this oftentimes cutthroat industry and are contemplating raising the white flag, about resilience, perseverance, a focus on honing one’s craft and the key to constantly finding that spark that rekindles their burning flame of passion over and over again for what they vehemently love doing more than anything else in the world?

Marion:  Ladies, believe in yourself and in who you are.  You have your destiny in your hands; be humble.  Invest in each project in depth because you do not know which of them can help you achieve your dreams.  Never lose sight of your aim and be positive.


Andrew:  Who are some of the legends, deceased or living, of the entertainment industry (models, photographers, fashion designers and/or entrepreneurs in the fashion industry) that greatly influenced and inspired you growing up, who you’d like to work with and who you also admired both for their extraordinary bodies of work and the way they carried themselves in the public throughout their illustrious careers?

Marion:  I would mention first non-famous people: my grandmother and my mother because their strength, their courage and determination has always been an example for me.  I always had great respect and admiration for Genevieve de Fontenay because this woman is an example of courage.  She says what she thinks, and she is attentive to her circle and her fans.  She fought to defend her convictions.


Andrew:  Do you place any limitations on yourself in terms of

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