Marion Amélineau

what you will and will not do in this industry to succeed?

Marion:  I try to eat healthy but I do not deprive myself because sport allows me to be slim.  I do not restrict myself because it involves frustration, which does not help to improve in life.


Andrew:  In the Robert Moore sense of the word what's your psychological archetype: your unique emotional and intellectual disposition; your true style of dealing, behaving, and communicating in the world.  Are you a Queen (Charlotte York), Warrior (Miranda Hobbes), Magician (Samantha Jones) and/or Lover (Carrie Bradshaw)?

Marion:  I am myself, perhaps a warrior.  I like to go at the end of what I start.


Andrew:  If you could be any character from a short story, novel or movie, who would you be?

Marion:  A working girl or a business-woman.


Andrew:  What would a movie based on your life be called?

Marion: "Every moment is unique" or simply “Marion’s life”.  


Andrew:  If I was accompanying you to a modeling shoot that was 700 km away from home, what albums would I definitely be listening to in the car on the four hour trip there?  (Do the math!  I drive really fast!)

Marion:  Yes indeed, you drive quickly ;)

I love James Morrison.  But Francis Cabrel is one of my favorite singers because I love his lyrics.


Andrew:  My no limit credit card slips out of my pocket and magically appears in your hands as I finish this interview with you; what do you buy before I find out that it’s missing?!!!  (I know in real life you would have returned my credit card.  Really.  I do [shaking my head]  No.  Not really!  [nodding my head]).

Marion:  A cake that we can share.  But in reality, I will give back your card.


Andrew:  What is your ideal exotic getaway?

Marion:  I want to discover India, Asian countries, Tanzania, Mauritius and Peru.  I love traveling and being in contact with the people, learning about their cultures, landscapes...


Andrew:  What is your favorite food?

Marion:  Spaghetti Bolognese.  I love Italian food.


Andrew:  Name one of your guilty pleasures?

Marion:  Chocolate cake.  I love French pastries.

Shopping; I am a fashion addict


Andrew:  What sort of qualities in a man do you look for and really turn you on?

Marion:  Listening and the moral support that he can give me.


Andrew:  There are no pick-up lines in the animal kingdom.  Agreed. Marion!?  Good.  Animals know exactly how to court other animals of the opposite sex and react to courting.  They never learn this.  It’s

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