Yael Markovich

Yael Markovich

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by Andrew L. Rudder ~ andrew@roguemag.ca

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Andrew:  Born in the Middle East by the south-eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Haifa, Israel, and raised in the good ol’ U.S. of A where people don’t just dream a dream but actually live them, Yael Markovich is a beautiful, professional model, celebrity makeup artist and a savvy business woman who owns a luxurious spa in Los Angeles, California.   She has a supremely, debonair smile that bespeaks of a woman who has arrived and is extremely comfortable in her own sensuous skin, and is ready to take her career to the next plateau and do it her way, uncompromisingly like Frank Sinatra.

Yael:  My philosophy in life is to work hard and never give up on your dreams.


Andrew:  Most people have to see something to believe it; but as a pure entrepreneur, Yael is able to believe in it first, and then work hard to make it happen, which has resulted in her experiencing some impressive highlights in her illustrious career thus far.

Yael:  I was Miss Israel International 2012/Miss Israel Supranational 2011, and I’m a spa owner and a celebrity makeup artist.


Andrew:  A lot of people know Yael as an international model and savvy business owner imbued with the entrepreneurial spirit of a modernist vanguard, but some may be pleasantly surprised by some of her hidden talents, and other passions and interests. 

Yael:  I can belly dance and I am semi-fluent in sign language.


Andrew:  So with all of this talent at her fingertips, it is inevitable that Yael will exploit other aspects of the entertainment industry such as acting.  So what about her goals after her illustrious modeling career? 

Yael:  I am already at my goal!  I recently opened a day spa in Beverly Hills, CA.

I also work with various animal rights organizations in the U.S.A.


Rogue Angels Feature

by Andrew L. Rudder ~ andrew@roguemag.ca

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Andrew:  No great journey toward our desired destination in life is accomplished solely by ourselves, so talk a bit about the people in your life who have and continue to support you throughout your blossoming young career as a model, and as you continue to make your indelible footprints on the sands of time.

Yael:  My parents and friends are my supporters but I turn to G-d for answers and to thank him for all that he's done! 


Andrew:  Wayne W. Dyer is quoted as saying, “When you dance, your

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