Yael Markovich

I also think that knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps in obtaining the "it" picture. 


Andrew:  Lee Strasberg once said, “A great actor is independent of the poet, because the supreme essence of feeling does not reside in prose or in verse, but in the accent with which it is delivered.”  Describe your ‘unique accent’ that distinguishes you from other talented models in the industry.

Yael:  I'm Israeli and that might be a look that can benefit the modeling industry. I embrace my curves and see more and more models that are curvy and beautiful testing out their modeling abilities. 


Andrew:  What advice would you give to talented young models who are struggling to get their foot in the door of this oftentimes cutthroat industry and are contemplating raising the white flag, about resilience, perseverance, a focus on honing one’s craft and the key to constantly finding that spark that rekindles their burning flame of passion over and over again for what they vehemently love doing more than anything else in the world?

Yael:  Have fun with it, make love to the camera, don't give up, and NEVER question your self worth and morals.


Andrew:  Who are some of the legends, deceased or living, of the entertainment industry (models, photographers, fashion designers and/or entrepreneurs in the fashion industry) that greatly influenced and inspired you growing up, who you’d like to work with and who you also admired both for their extraordinary bodies of work and the way they carried themselves in the public throughout their illustrious careers?

Yael:  I admire Gisele Bundchen as a model…she is gorgeous! I also love the photographic masterpieces of geniuses like Herb Ritts (RIP), Steven Meisel, Mario Testino. 


Andrew: Do you place any limitations on yourself in terms of what you will and will not do in this industry to succeed?

Yael:  Yes! Nudity has its limits… I've done some artistic nude modeling where the pictures are shadowed and highlighted to accentuate the curves and form of the human body but there was no frontal nudity involved whatsoever. 


Andrew:  In the Robert Moore sense of the word what's your psychological archetype: your unique emotional and intellectual disposition; your true style of dealing, behaving, and communicating in the world.  Are you a Queen (Charlotte York), Warrior (Miranda Hobbes), Magician (Samantha Jones) and/or Lover (Carrie Bradshaw)?

Yael:  I'm a warrior! I fight for justice and voice myself politically, religiously, and advocatory. 


Andrew:  If you could be any character from a short story, novel or movie, who would you be?

Yael:  Oh wow this is a tough one… I'd say any butt-kicking woman in history! Actually

Yael Markovich
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