Yael Markovich


Yael:  For me? it would have to be a man's face! I need a guy with a handsome face… not really much of a bodybuilder type of girl thus, I am ok with average bodies. 


Andrew:  Geoffrey Miller, author of “The Mating Mind” said that man’s sexual ornament is his MIND!  [Please feel free to change your previous answer!] 

Yael:  Lol I won't change it because we were talking about physical features! now that we are talking about mental characteristics then yes I would have to agree with Geoffrey Miller… the mind is a powerful thing and a man's ability to use that to achieve good in the world is nothing short of addicting! I've gotten addicted to that type of a man in the past lol 


Andrew:  Forget about nicotiana, cocaine, crystal meth and heroine Yael, because they have absolutely nothing on the most addictive chemical in the world: emotions!  The things I’ve personally seen a woman do when she is on a naturally high from her potent, intoxicating emotions are unbelievable!  What the vast majority of women say they like in a man, while they are thinking rationally, is usually always the exact opposite of what they RESPOND to emotionally, as sober reason and intoxicating emotions are on the opposite ends of the spectrum of attraction.  True or false Yael?

Yael:  True!  Men are rational creatures because they lack emotions. However, most men have it in them but they just haven't had that euphoric experience of being "in love" until they've met "the one". I also think that timing (the stage in a man's life) and maturity has a lot to do with a man's character and ability to display emotions. 


Andrew:  I’m going to say a few words and tell me what immediately comes to your mind.


Yael:  Sleep


Andrew:  Change

Yael:  Hope 


Andrew:  Fame and Fortune

Yael:  Money and power


Andrew:  The Journey

Yael:  Path 


Andrew:  Success

Yael:  Achievement


Andrew:  Bitch

Yael:  Mean


Andrew:  The Destination

Yael:  Vacation


Andrew:  What is your favorite word?

Yael:  Don't have one 


Andrew:  What is your least favorite word?

Yael:  The "C" word! it's degrading and disgusting and shoe


Andrew:  What is your favorite word to curse with when you’re upset?

Yael:  F*&# you! lol 


Andrew:  What is your favorite part of the human anatomy?

Yael:  Smile :) 


Andrew:  William Faulkner is quoted as saying “The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life”.  When your work moves again through the eyes of people a hundred years from now, what will they say?

Yael:  One word… WOW! 


Andrew:  For all of my readers who will become instant fans of yours, and the photographers, make-up artists, and corporations who will want to work with you, tell them where they can get more information about you?

Yael:  yaelmarkovich.com, Facebook.com/yaelmarkovich, Facebook.com/modelyaelmarkovich and twitter.com/yaelmarkovich


Andrew:  What are some current modeling projects that you’re working on and the upcoming events that you are apart of that you want to talk about?

Yael:  I just became the spokesmodel for a beauty company and landed another cover on Tribe Magazine, landed a feature in 303 magazine and flew out to denver for the event! I am also in talks with a few more gigs but can't disclose information until it is finalized (blame my manager Mike Landers! lol) 


Andrew:  Thank you Yael for doing this interview!  I hope you enjoyed your experience with Rogue Magazine.  I wish you all of the very best in the future as you continue to pursue your promising career as a model!  I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you a lot better Yael and I would love to have you back anytime in the future to update our readers on your latest accomplishments and accolades!



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