Clarissa Santiago

Clarissa Santiago in Rogue Angels

A Puerto Rican Jewel

By Andrew Rudder for Rogue Magazine ~


This Puerto Rican Jewel doesn’t have your stereotypical run way figure design, 

She doesn’t have high cheekbones, bony legs, a super tall figure that is as slim as a fine tine,

She doesn’t have a flat chest, with an even flatter backside, and an androgynous jaw line,

This Puerto Rican Jewel from the Bronx has a risqué-shapely full-bosomed figure that leaves very little to the imagination,

When she runs her fingers through her long wavy brown hair, arcs her divine spine, and creates that sexy “S” in her buxom constitution,

She simultaneous captures your attention and affection by her beauteous pose, and sends your mesmerized mind on a long vacation,

Her wry grin, and impeccable creamy olive Latin skin are of a such a high sensuous sleekness like it was purged in an Aloe Vera and Elderflower dip, 

Her warm playful smile shines so bright that not too many women can eclipse . . .

Her curvaceous Latin hips, smooth soothing finger tips, and soft tender-to-touch lips,

This Puerto Rican Jewel is more sought after than Puerto Rican Pina Colada and Don Q rum,

Her voluptuous vapors are so intoxicating that they will make you wild with merriment, and leave you numb,

Her enticing Asian slant eyes are an ocean in which her dreams are reflected like a mirrored gem,

And are too pure and genuine to conceal the sweet soul shining through them . . .

Her undeniable beauty lies on the outside, but her passion comes from within . . .



Clarissa Santiago in Rogue Angels

Rogue Angels Interview

By Andrew Rudder for Rogue