Shar in Rogue Angels

 Rogue Angels Interview

By Andrew Rudder for Rogue Magazine ~


Congratulations on being selected to be the first model to be showcased in the much anticipated Rogue Angels section of the very first issue of Pulp E-Magazine. On behalf of the Pulp E-Magazine team whom worked extremely hard to publish this first online issue, we are really happy to have you and are very excited to interview you! We hope that this interview and photo shoot will be the first of many with us and other magazines during your blossoming career. Without further a due let us get this interview started! 

Andrew: Why don’t we start with you first telling us a bit about yourself: like where were you born and raised; your ethnic background; and your immediate family. 
Shar: I am born and raised in Hamilton Ont. I’m Chinese Canadian. My parents are successful entrepreneurs running their own business since I was a little girl. And much of my determination comes from watching them be so dedicated to what they love doing! 
Andrew: Tell our audience how you hooked up with Mark Anthony, became affiliated with Rogue Models, and what’s your experience been like working with him? 
Shar: I met Mark Anthony off onemodelplace. I believe he shared an interest in my capabilities as a model and I also shared an interest in knowing more about the creative projects he's involved in. My experience has been nothing but good with Mark. He makes a good marketer. He knows what to use and how to use what he has to make the most of it. He also is positive with what he is trying to do. 
Andrew: When did you decide that you wanted to pursue a career in modeling? 
Shar: Well I started to test the waters during the summer of 2005. And found that work came quite easily for the most part, without expecting too much. However it is only now that I've made the decision to go full force and really brand myself. 
Andrew: Is modeling the only aspect of the entertainment industry that you are interested in or do you have other creative talents that you also want to exploit? 
Shar: Funny thing, my first love is singing and composing music. I sing R&B and love music on another level. I have a great appreciation for the artistic ends of music. I recorded one album previously and will begin new production in 2006. 
Andrew: Do you place any limitations