"Mark Anthony and Andrew – thanks so much for this opportunity! I’m thrilled that this all came
together. I hope the readers enjoy what we’ve created! I look forward to working with you again –
anytime, anywhere!!!!"

Clarissa Santiago (Rogue Angels Model) - July 2006


 "The pleasure was mine : ) Thank you so much…I wish you and everyone at Pulp Magazine also the very best and look forward to celebrating each other’s success and working together again in the future!"

Jennie Laws (Hearing Aid) - July 2006


"Thanks to Pulp Magazine for featuring me!!!"

Luana Lani (Rogue Angels) - August 2006


"Thanks for featuring me you guys (Mark Anthony & Andrew)!!  Much love to everyone reading this and to PULP!  LOOOOOOOOOOOVE u!!"

Stephanie Ly (Rogue Angels) - August 2006


"I want to thank you and Pulp Magazine for this wonderful opportunity, I enjoyed this experience. I just hope that I have inspired at least one person to fight for what they want, and be themselves in order to achieve it. I am very excited for this busy, but wonderful year to come.

If you haven’t started being a regular Pulp addict – what are you waiting for? The authors of Pulp are all extremely articulate, creative, and hilarious, and I found browsing through Pulp an amazing adventure. There is so much to see, and read, and learn – and there is nothing more powerful than education and knowledge. Keep doing your thing Pulp! Lots of Love; Mariana Valente; Miss Latina Canada World 2007."

Mariana Valente (Rogue Angels) - October 2006


"It has been my pleasure and will love to come back here sometime in the future to tell you about all the exciting stuff I’ve done and hopefully visit America in the near future once I have enough people to work with on my trip.
All the Best*******"

Sophia Lares (Rogue Angels) - October 2006